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Hellebore and Rue  -

Rainbow Awards 2011 winner
Best Lesbian Sci-Fi / Fantasy


Golden Crown Literary Awards 2010 - Winner, Lesbian Erotica Night's Kiss: Lesbian Erotica

2008 - Lesbian Erotica

Crave: Tales of Lust, Love and Longing


Lesbian Fiction Reader's Choice Award for Erotica

2009: Night's Kiss: Lesbian Erotica

2007 Crave: Tales of Lust, Love and Longing


Gaylactic Spectrum Awards, Best Other Work, 2010:

Hearths and Sapphic Shades: Lesbian Ghost Stories


Golden Crown Literary Awards Speculative Fiction category.

2012 - Silver Moon

2009 - Haunted Hearths and Sapphic Shades: Lesbian Ghost Stories

Bisexual Book Awards


Bisexual Book Awards, Speculative Fiction category, Finalist

2013 - Silver Moon


Gaylactic Spectrum Award for Short Fiction Finalist:

2008 - "Medusa's Touch" (from Crave: Tales of Lust, Love and Longing)

2005 - "At the Roots of the World Tree" from Kenoma



Selected Reviews:

"Whether you're reading for high concept or sheer entertainment, Silver Moon will not disappoint." Jerry Wheeler, Out in Print

"Silver Moon is a refreshing feminist retelling of  the modern classic werewolf thriller,  wrapped up in an unexpected coming-of-age romance." Salem West, Rainbow Reader


"...if this series lives up to its strong start, Becca Thornton will be high on my list of favourite female werewolves." Hannah Kate, SheWolf Blog


"Catherine Lundoff's A Day at the Inn, A Night at the Palace and Other Stories is an absolute treasure trove of short stories." Kate Genet, Kissed by Venus.


"Hellebore and Rue...will not disappoint readers who love and appreciate the complexities of fantasy fiction’s many cultural connections and narratives." Merry Gangemi, Lambda Literary Reviews

"Hilarious" says Publishers Weekly of "Twilight" in Best Fantastic Erotica

" These stories are visual and sensory..." Jean Roberta, Cleansheets.com, review of Night's Kiss

"A fascinating anthology of literate, lyrical, Lesbian ghosts..." Rainbow Reviews, review of Haunted Hearths and Sapphic Shades

"In fact it would be reasonable to assume that there won't be a dry pair of panties, drawers, or thongs on anyone in the house where this book is read, regardless of the gender of the readers." Steven Hart, Erotica Revealed, review of Night's Kiss.

"Thrilling, thought-provoking, arousing and entertaining," Lisabet Sarai, review of Night's Kiss.

"..you are bound to find something that does the trick for you." Marilyn Jaye Lewis , review of Crave



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