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Northern Illinois University Library - Rare Books and Special Collections, home of the Catherine Lundoff Papers.

Jean-Nickolaus Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies - one of the largest collections of GLBT archival materials in the world. I'm building a second archive of my work here.

Broad Universe is a terrific organization which exists to promote the writing and reading of sf/f/h by women authors. I was a Board member from 2013-2014.


The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards are the only fan-based awards for GLBT science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Carl Brandon Society - organization that promotes the writing and reading of sf/f/h by and about people from diverse racial and ethnic background.

The Lesbrary - a lesbian book blog with reviews, news and links


Fabulous People:

Jana Pullman - Western Slope Bindery: for all your custom book binding, book repair and portfolio needs. Her bookbinding blog is over here.

Warren Rochelle - author and scholar of science fiction and fantasy.

Bryan Thao Worra - poet, performer, sf and comics geeks and highly entertaining dinner companion.


Elise Matthesen - creatrix of many, many beautiful things. Buy a necklace - you know you want one.

Lisabet Sarai - Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac

Gavin Atlas - author of lots of terrific gay erotica and erotic romance.



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