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"Medium Méchanique" in Ghosts in Gaslight, Monsters in Steam Gay Cities V, edited by Vincent Kovar and Evan J. Peterson (Minor Arcana Press, 2013).

"The Snake Woma's Lover" in Obsession: Tales of Irresistible Desire, edited by Paula Guran. Prime Books, 2012.


"Silver Moon" in Bitten by Moonlight: Lesbian Werewolves, edited by Joselle Vanderhooft. Zumaya Press, 2012. Menopausal lesbian werewolves, the beginning (Fantasy)


"At Mother Laurie's House of Bliss" in The Ladies of Trade Town, edited by Lee Martindale. Harphaven Books, 2011. Fantasy/mystery with gay protagonist. (Fantasy)

"Twelfth Night" in Best Lesbian Romance 2011, edited by Radclyffe. Cleis Press, 2011. (Romance)

"The Letter of Marque" in Lacuna: A Journal of Historical Fiction, edited by Megan Arkenberg. October, 2010.  (Romance)

"Three Views of the Maiden in Peril" in Northern Lights: 20 MinnSpec Tales, edited by Michael Merriam. Sam's Dot, 2010. (reprint, fantasy).

"The Egyptian Cat" in Tales of the Unanticipated, edited by Eric Heideman. Vol. 30, 2010. Lovecraft, cat horror, mysterious Egyptian artifacts, lesbians. (Fantasy)

"Great Reckonings, Little Rooms" in Time Well Bent: Queer Alternate History, edited by Connie Wilkins. Lethe Press, 2009. The death of Christopher Marlowe revisited. (Alt. history).

"Purple Thumb" in Best Lesbian Romance 2009, edited by Radclyffe. Cleis Press, 2008. IT, gardening, cancer- all the things that normally pop up in romance fiction. (Romance)

"Regency Masquerade" reprinted in Kissed By Venus, May, 2008. Originally published in the Harrington Park Lesbian Fiction Quarterly. Vol. 3 (1), Alice Street Editions, 2002. (Historical Romance).

"Three Views of the Maiden in Peril" in Farrago's Wainscot, edited by Darin Bradley, April, 2008. Cardboard female characters, see my lack of fondness for. (Fantasy).

"Spell, Book and Candle" in Khimairal Ink, edited by Carrie Tierney, January, 2008. Why bespelling your ex usually doesn't work. (Fantasy)

"A Winter's Tale" in Q-Spec Fiction Sampler 2007, compiled by Don Sakers. Speed-of-C Productions, 2007. (Fantasy).

"A Scent of Roses" in So Fey: Queer Faery Stories, edited by Steve Berman. Lethe Press, 2009. (Fantasy). A lesbian sequel to Tam Lin. Originally published by Haworth Press, 2007.

"At the Roots of the World Tree" in Kenoma: Speculative Fiction and Myth, edited b H.F. Gibbard. Vol. 2, December, 2004. 2005 Spectrum Awards short list. (Fantasy).

"The Temporary" in Simulacrum, edited by Lynne Jamneck. Vol.1 (6), November, 2004. Reprint from The Twin Cities Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. (Fantasy).

"Red Scare" in Simulacrum, edited by Lynne Jamneck. Vol. 1 (2), January, 2004. (Science Fiction/Mystery).

"The Last Tea Party" in the Harrington Park Lesbian Fiction Quarterly. Vol. 4 (3), Alice Street Editions, 2003. (Literary Fiction).

"Vadija" in Such a Pretty Face: Tales of Power and Abundance, edited by Lee Martindale. Meisha Merlin Press, 2000. (Fantasy).

"M. Le Maupin" in Lesbian Short Fiction, edited by Jinx Beers. Vol 3, Fall, 1997. Tantra Publications. Alicia Austin did the cover based on my story. Squee! (Historical Romance).

"Origin Story" in Close to the Ground: A Powderhorn Writer's Anthology, edited by the Powderhorn Writer's Festival Committee. Powderhorn Writer's Festival, 1997. (Fiction).


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